Ethernet First Mile

By taking a group of standard telephone lines we bind them together to give an uncontended bandwidth of up to 20 Mbps. Ideal for data and voice packages for small to medium size businesses with between 4 and 10 incoming phone lines.

Ethernet First Mile Comparison

Based on company with 10 channels of ISDN2 and Fax/Broadband line and average calls with normal price PBX.

PBX System ie Mitel/Panasonic. Purchase and Install PBX /ISDN System Monthly maintenance 10 channels ISDN 2 Install 10 Channels ISDN2 Monthly rental Analogue fax line and Broadband monthly Call Charges (average Monthly)
£3000 £99 £1250 £179.99 £59.99 £100

Total Install/Purchase Total Monthly
£4250 £439.97

Equivalent set up but with VOIP EFM solution

10 VOIP handsets Cisco/Polycom VOIP System maintenance EFM install EFM Monthly charge 10 VOIP licences monthly Call Charges
FOC Inclusive FOC on 3 year deal £249 £99.99 25% Cheaper

Total Install/Purchase Total Monthly
£299 (install and training) £424.99

So for a small company we can install a VOIP system free of charge complete with all the hardware and call centre functionality as standard. Not only do you get the VOIP system for free your bills are cheaper too!!!

The functionality though is truly inspiring and features call centre level applications as standard. The VOIP system can be fully controlled from any internet connection. Mobile phones and tablets can be networked in to utilise VOIP calls and the Internet connection can connect securely to other sites anywhere in the world.

The product is very robust, fully supported and features a same day call out in case of failure.


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