Lease Line

We install your own private fibre optic connection directly to your business. This gives 20-100 Mbps capacity uncontended and can be readily and securely connected to global communication networks. Amazingly, installation is free with a three-year deal. The system is fully managed and supported with call centre functionality as standard.

Lease line comparison.

Based on a company with 60 channels of ISDN 30 and average priced equipment/call traffic

PBX System ie Mitel/Panasonic. Purchase and Install PBX /ISDN System Monthly maintenance 60 channels ISDN 30 Install 60 Channels ISDN 30 Monthly rental Analogue fax line and Broadband monthly Call Charges (average Monthly)
£5000 £200 £6000 £1140 £59.99 £500

Total Install/Purchase Total Monthly
£11000 £1900

Equivalent set up but with a Voip, Lease Line solution

60 VOIP handsets Cisco/Polycom VOIP System maintenance Lease Line install EFM (50 Meg) Monthly charge 60 VOIP licences monthly Call Charges
FOC Inclusive FOC on 3 year deal £649 £599.40 25% Cheaper

Total Install/Purchase Total Monthly
£ 699 (install & training) £1375


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